Enterprising Universe

March 5, 2011

Richard Hoover of NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center reported in the March Issue of the Journey of Cosmology that he had discovered evidence of microfossils in carbonaceous chrondites that fell to the Earth. Hoover’s research suggests that these fossils are not Earthly contamination, but evidence of life that lived on another body in the solar system. Fragments of their original environment traveled through space until these most primitive meteorites arrived to the Earth via meteorite impact. Here is a link to Hoover’s recently published article “Fossils of Cyanobacteria in CI1 Carbaceous Meteorites: Implications to Life On Comets, Europa, and Enceladus”. As reported by the Journal of Cosmology, “Members of the scientific community were invited to analyze the results and to write critical commentaries or to speculate about the implications. These comments will be posted on March 7 through March 10 2011.”

Expect more posts next week on any major developments surrounding Dr. Hoover’s recent discovery.