SETI Institute’s senior Astronomer Seth Shostak hosts this weekly podcast Are We Alone? that seeks to explore, “future of life on this planet” in topics ranging from the poignant to the bizarre.

Here is a site by Chris Wayan and his Planetocopia of speculative planets. Click on his Biosphere Variations to see what his worlds are like!

This is the homepage of Dr. Mia Molvray’s site on Using Science Fiction to Study the Evolution of Intelligence. A fascinating curriculum for anyone interested in the biological factors in the evolution of intelligence.

Check out this Speculative Biology site by Gert van Dijk called Life on the Planet Furaha for astounding drawings of truly exotic creatures.

This site called Epona- Third Stone from Taranis is about “a planet so detailed you can actually believe you are there”

Sagan 4, an alien ecosystem project features artists to draw the exotic organisms that have evolved from a Last Universal Common ancestor, protosagania, on a speculative planet named for the late scientist Carl Sagan.

Here is the website for the research of astrophysicst Sara Seager, the Ellen Swallow Richards Professor of Planetary Science and Professor of Physics at MIT.

Another blog, Hunt for Alien Earths reports current events astronomy & science news.

Another wordpress blog by astrographer hails this site as “gathering a community of worldbuilders”.

For any aspiring Worldbuilder, this site called Creating an Earthlike Planet is a must for the basic steps to follow when making a habitable planet.



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