What does an alien look like? And just how important are environmental factors to its evolution? I want to speculate how complex life would cope with the different set of conditions of another planet and what the organisms would look like on that world. This worldbuilding blog is all about what an extraterrestrial could look like and how that creature fits into the environment. Drawing on work in the fields of biogeochemistry, astronomy and beyond, this blog is devoted to the possibility of life as we know it on a (fictional) planet far different from our Earth. While the location is imagined, the concepts I apply to this world are based in our understanding of the science of astrobiology, biochemistry, geophysics, and phylogeny.

I haven’t quite figured out the purpose for this worldbuilding exercise. It could become a fantasy tabletop role-playing game, a novel, or the blog could be the solitary expression of my work.


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